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PT. Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi (Jatelindo) as national switching payment company in Indonesia since 2004, has a role as Switching PLN in Centralized Management and Control Current Income system. Jatelindo serves as Switching Payment Gateway connecting PLN Host with Bank Host and Partner PPOB Host, so customers can pay PLN electricity bills through a bank delivery channel or Partner PPOB electricity payment counters. In 2010, Jatelindo receive acknowledgement letter from Bank Indonesia as a Switching / Payment Gateway Provider that provides services such as switching system and maintenance, monitoring system, billing and solutions. In 2013 Jatelindo receive The Best Switching Partner for PLN. The evaluation categories include Resource Operational availability and Performance System.

In 2014 Jatelindo began to operate data center with Data Center Tier category which expected to continue to provide service quality with the best performance. Jatelindo has worked with more than 100 distribution network partners including Indomaret. Some distribution network partner that are still in the process such as Pegadaian, Circle-K, Lotte, Sampoerna, and Bright which is targeted in October 2014 will go live operational. Jatelindo also has been working with biller : KAI, Remmitance and cooperate with multibiller agrigator such as Telkom payment service, mobile prepaid and post paid cellular (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, AXIS, Three, Flexi, Esia, and Smartfren), PDAM, Air Line Ticket, online game vouchers, and Multi Finance. Banking institution has worked with Jatelindo namely Bank Mandiri, BSM, BRIS, Bank Arta Graha, Bank Kalbar, BTPN, Bank Jateng, Bank Pundi, Bank Mega*(in process).


  • Established since 2004
  • Provide PLN Customer Information System for Region Middle of Java in 2004
  • PLN Switching Provider since 2008
  • Acknowlwdgement Letter from Bank Indonesia as a Switching / Payment Gateway Provider in 2010
  • The Best of 10 Switching Partner for PLN in 2013
  • The Highest transaction per month for PLN transaction only, 18.7 million transactions
  • External IT Audited by Sharing Vision in 2014
  • Development and Implementation Data Center TIER IV in 2014


To be one of the leader in electronic transaction solution provider through advancement and client satisfaction.


Provide reliable quality services in electronic transaction, Provide a solutions that should comply to Central Bank Policies and Procedure.
Engage with all Billing Provider and Financial Services Industry Business Roadmap and Policies Values "Service Quality Improvement"
Focus on value added and service quality, professionalism and integrity, as well as technology advancement.

Payment Switching Company

    PT Jatelindo Abadi is one of Switching Company in Indonesia, currently has worked with some of the biller such as PT PLN(Persero), some banks, business partners, and. . .

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OPTIMA EXCHANGE (OPTIMA-X) is a Switching Payment Host to Host application service for electronic transaction that allows tran. . .

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B-ISA Brand Product meaningful Transaction in Indonesia is a product to service financial and non financial transaction integrated with. . .

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PT. Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi frequently held activities every year.

Work 2
Gathering Sinergy Camp 2015
Work 2
Buka Puasa Bersama 2014 Buka puasa bersama dengan anak yatim
Work 2
Gathering Lembang 2014
Work 2
Buka Puasa Bersama 2015 Rabu, 24 Juni 2015
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Our Philosophy

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Biller Connection

  • PLN Post Paid, Prepaid and Non Taglist
  • Telco Prepaid & Prepaid
  • Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI)
  • Airline Ticket
  • Game Online Voucher
  • PDAM
  • Multifinance
  • BPJS Tenaga Kerja
  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • Telkom Group
  • Voucher Game Online
  • Pajak Bumi & Bangunan (PBB)
  • TV Cable

Switching Payment and Application Support System

  • Optima-eXchange Switching System Host to Host Application
  • Optima Deposit System Management
  • Online Transaction Purchase & Bill Payment
  • E-Channel Transaction Integration
  • Integrated Web (Administration, Monitoring & Alert)
  • Payment Point Online Banking System
  • Integrated Billing System
  • Online Switching for Shared ATM Transaction System
  • Online Switching for Shared BPR and Clients System


Product & Services

Our Partners

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Web Developer


    1. Pria/wanita dengan lulusan minimal Diploma (fresh graduate are welcome) Jurusan IT
    2. Memil . . .

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Mobile Developer (Android dan IOS)

    Job Requirement
    1. Pendidikan Min. D3 atau S1
    2. Menguasai pemrogramman Mobile Apps Android & IOS
    3. Menguasai . . .

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Sistem Performance Support

ISO8583 Format Messaging

  • System Deploy Based On Billing Provider Policies to Support Their Business
  • System development by local engineers, more responsive for technical support and development
  • We have a Deposit System to manage all partners deposit

System Stress Test for PLN

285 TPS for real transaction to PLN Billing System 2,500 TPS to PLN Billing System Simulator *TPS (Transaction Per Second)

24/7 Helpdesk Monitoring System Services

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PT. Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi

Jl. Sunan Kalijaga Blok K/5 No 63B,
RT 003/RW 001. Kelurahan Melawai,
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan. 12160, 12160
Telp : 021 - 7204923, 021-29302222
Fax  : 021-7204919